What About Power- Interview with Chris Kraus

What about Power? draws together a range of perspectives that examine the contemporary intersections of power and sculpture. From ritual to monument, sculpture is embedded within various power dynamics, whether political, spiritual, erotic or otherwise.

Sculpture’s relationship to power is distinct, as it is engaged with particular spatial and physical realms hinged on considerations of architecture and the body.

The book reflects on themes of will, subjugation, desire, fetish, scale, and reflects on the way these relationships have shifted throughout time. The contributors to this publication speak to where they stand now, asking, what are the power dynamics around sculpture today?

Comprising essays, short reflections and images throughout, What about Power? is a comprehensive and insightful exploration, with contributions from an international assemblage of artists, writers, art historians and curators working in the field.

Contributors include: Heman Chong, Malik Gaines, Gordon Hall, Anthea Hamilton, Jumana Manna and Carissa Rodriguez.

In partnership with SculptureCenter. 

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Artillery Magazine - LACE Benefit Art Auction

LACE auction this year was a blast. Pieces went for cheap... a Mike Kelley for only 3K, a Richard Jackson for about the same, Raymond Pettibon for a mere $4000. You missed it. And the liquor was flowing. Copious vodka drinks. Even the bartenders ended up sloshed.

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